We are so grateful for all our partners who have helped to make our Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop come to life. Since the early 90’s, over 190 hip hop artists have called Atlanta home, and many more from different cities have contributed to create the rich Hip-Hop history of our city.

Your contribution helped us provide our citizens with a unique once in lifetime experience. We appreciate your commitment to our city. Thank you for being part of our success story.

We look forward to working with you again in the future.


Submit to be a part of our Affiliate program, what is included:

  • Listed in our official City of Atlanta Calendar of Events
  • Use of our official Hip Hop 50 logo
  • Use of Official City logo for promotion of your event


  1. Must be a resident of Metro Atlanta or have established business in City of Atlanta
  2. Event must be within the City of Atlanta city limits
  3. Event needs to incorporate the Five Elements of Hip Hop:
    • Emceeing
    • Deejaying
    • Breakin’
    • Graffiti
    • Beatboxing
  4. Events must be accessible to the General Public
  5. Events needs to strengthen the City of Atlanta by enhancing the City’s Cultural Affairs.

*Event with non-profit component will be heavily considered.

For more information on affiliate information, please contact